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ZeroFog by OMS OptoChemicals

The anti-fog and anti-static solution that always works.

~ Zero Fog ~

                     The worlds most used anti-fog and anti static product

100% EFFICIENT Anti- Fog, and Anti Static Lens Treatment, and also the perfect

solution for numerous industrial applications.


updated 04/21/18  





ZeroFog, the most used anti fog material worldwide, from eye glasses, to most of the worlds largest automotive brands,

                          as well as many other electronic inside instrument appliance covers.   (Photo: Chris Ryser, 2012)


      Summer 2017 has arrived and fall is not far away that is the

      time when glasses should be protected against  fogging up when

      coming from air conditioned rooms into the humid outside air or

      vice versa.


      Zero Fog is not a lens cleaner, it's only purpose is to prevent a

      surface from fogging up and dissipate electric charges which

      eliminates dust attraction.   


      The ultimate Anti-Fog, and the best for eye-glasses and anything

      else that can block the view by fogging up.


          Fully compatible with AR (anti-reflex) coated lenses.                                 


      No more fogging up of your Glasses, Goggles, Face shields,

      Swim goggles, Automotive instrument panels and electric

            or electronic instruments and lots more ..........








as well as in BULK for industrial applications

  • A new, super high tech product that is changing the ways you clean and wear your glasses, goggles and face-shields.



There will be no fogging up at all. Lenses will in the worst of conditions just get wet.

When going from a cool or cold environment into a warm humid one there will be

no reaction at all. Glasses, ski-goggles, diving-goggles, facemasks, hockey-shields,

motorcycle face shields will all be more protected. Lenses will stay clean for days.


The total antistatic action will prevent dust from clinging on to the lens surfaces.

Therefore much less possibilities of scratching and damaging the lens

surfaces. A static charge will be totally dissipated and gone within seconds. 


This product has received certification by the Swiss Government to be free

of health hazards and toxicity for use by the general public.



     How Anti-Stat and Anti-fog works on surfaces


Electric non conductivity is one of the various advantages that plastics possess generally.

 However, there are cases where this advantage turns to be a defect, that static electric

charges accumulates on the surface of plastics.  Static electricity gives troubles such as

electric shock, dust attraction and sticking of films. 

Antistatic agents are used to solve the problems as related above by giving antistatic

properties to plastics without altering the general  mechanical properties of the plastics. 

Antistatic agents have in their molecules both hydrophobic and hydrophilic radicals.

Practically, the hydrophobic radicals turn to the  surface of plastics, while the hydrophilic

radicals turn to the air attracting the moisture in the atmosphere. The static charge

accumulation in plastics is dissipated, through the conductivity of water absorbed by

antistatic agents, at the same time,  antistatic agents show the action of reducing the

accumulation of frictional static charge. Thus, antistatic effect is obtained.



    How to Treat a Lens


1)  Clean lens with dishwater soap and warm water to remove all grease and dirt and then

rinse with warm water. Wipe clean and dry with a  clean towel and then let dry.


2)  Spray  the ZeroFog liquid on the lens surfaces and spread around the surface with

fingers. Let the wet surface dry up.


3)  When dry, use a dry papertissue, and spread the left over residue, which is the actual

chemical,  over the whole lens surface.


4)  The treatment will be 100% effective if not washed off.





Some face-shield made from polycarbonate that have no protective coating on the

surface might get damaged by this product. If not sure,  apply just a little bit of "Zero-Fog"

to a corner of the face-shield or lens. Wait a  minute or two before wiping it off to see if

any whitening of  the surface occurs. If it does turn milky dtop the procedure.



    How to Test a Lens, ( Accepted Scientific Tests )





1) Anti Static effect:  Rub surface ob object with a soft nylon or other synthetic cloth lightly


and fast fast for about 60 seconds to give it a static charge. Then hold lens over an ashtray


containing some loose cigarette ashes.


When you are about 6mm over the ashes they will not be attracted like a magnet as they


would be with an untreated surface. There is no static charges.


2) Anti Fog effect:  Place treated lenses into freezer compartment of a fridge for not more than


30 to 40 seconds, so the lens will not freeze but be cold. Remove it after that time and lens


will not fog up wherever it has been treated.



Also passing the lens through steam at 30 cm above a steaming water kettle is an adequate test.



                                            A box of 12 cream dropper bottles.        



    Where to purchase ZERO-FOG


Available at your local Optician or Optometrist,  from Optical Distributors  below or

direct from OMS Optochemicals at e-mail: 

credit cards accepted.



    Where is ZERO-FOG applied in the automotive sector :     



CLICK this link:    ZeroFog used on dashboards in the following

automotive Brands







                  The latest in optical coatings


                             ~ Permanent + Renewable

                     Anti-Fog + Anti-Stat Coating ~


                      " PAF "


                                          for use on CR39, Polycarbonate, High Index, Glass, metal and painted surfaces

                                                                                   see all of it, click:       PAF





 Swiss Mountain Village in Winter




    Industrial use of ZERO-FOG in automotive as well as

        in modern aviation use.                       


                     Zero-Fog is also available in bulk for industrial use.

Through its effectiveness, Zero-Fog has been for the last few years, since 2004,

 and is presently used on the inside of Dashboard Instrument covers of many

of the world wide automotive brands as:


Example : Car and airplane dashboards






             Photo by Minda -Stoneridge, India



2/3 Wheelers


  Bajaj Cobo Force Hero Honda Honda


KawasakiAprilia Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. Piaggio Royal Enfield. Suzuki Motorcycles Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.


TVS Yamaha Bike Yamaha Bike   


Commercial Vehicles


Asia Motor Works Ashoke Leyland Daimler Benz Freightliner Force Mahindra Navistar   Fehrer Automotive


Mahindra Piaggio TATA VE Commercial Vehicles           Force Motors


Passenger Vehicles


Audi Mahindra Navistar Chrysler FIAT   Ford 


GM DAEWOO Honda Hyundai ICML Land Rover


Mahindra Mercedes - Benz Maruti Suzuki Peugeot Renault Nissan SKODA


TATA Toyota Volkswagen  


Agricultural Vehicles


ESCORTS Sonalika International Sonalika International TAFE



Offroad Vehicles





Other lndustial users:


BOSCH   DANAHER Faurecia          Grote


IKEA Johnson Controls Lear Corporation legrand Magna MOSDORFER


Pollak Valeo Security System Whirlpool

Image result for Bharat (BEL) Logo                 - MAE ELETTRONICA SRL           Logo




Some other electronic and electric instruments makers have chosen it for the same reason.

The meat industry in their deep freeze coolers and many more are getting the use and benefits of Zero-Fog.

The computer  video industry on to the latest in sunlight readable video screen.



                MSDS Sheet North America ===>   click    OMS Opto Chemicals ZeroFog MSDS 

                New SDS,     North America ===>   click  SDS OMS Optochemicals ZeroFog

                European MSDS Sheet For Zero-Fog   

               click  ===>   MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET, Europe ZeroFog

               Swiss Health Certificate for safety of public

               click  ===>  Swiss Health Certificate  for ZeroFog


                  Industrial Discounts, click: zerofog2_industrialdiscounts.htm




                       Optical ZeroFog Distributors :


 Distributor in Europe


1, rue Joseph Cugnot 
17180 PÉRIGNY, France 

 [T] 0800.88.16.33




 Distributors in Canada


Kleargo, Quebec

Mc Cray Optical Supplies, Ontario

Securo Vision Quebec   


Nanco Optical, Quebec

White Optical, Alberta


Distributors:  USA                                      Amcon Labs - The Eyecare Supply Center




Optigear,  at

Canada Sporting Goods


David Astley & Company, Calgary, Alta.  Tel:  403-288-3667

Website :

Distributors for use on swim goggles at ►







 at  click:


                          now available in St. Petersburg, Russia



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                                                          Mycoal Warmpacks


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