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~ Blue Blocker Dye ~

Melamine and many other Names

a 100 % effective way to block blue light
for optical lenses

updated 12/01/17




A much less expensive solution to the newest and latest marketed blue reflecting Anti Reflex Coatings and can be tinted at every optical store that has its own on site lab.

In a light tint it will absorb all blue light in the lower blue wave lengths.

In a dark sunglass tint it will provide a much sharper vision of all details.


Introduced in 1984

  • Full 100% absorption of  UV A and UV B.
  • Full blocking of blue light up to 535 nm.
  • Produces high contrast vision



For dark sunglasses it can be over tinted and is available in amber / brown / chocolate brown / dark green, in non photo chromatic and always even shading.

This is a perfect solution for sports, for driving, boating and skiing. You will be able to see every bump on otherwise blank white snow or waves on water and the color of buoys in fog and against sunlight.


Special effects of BlueBlocker lenses

    Tinted layer on surfaces of the lens blocks from 280 nm to 535 nm 

Full 100% UV block

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By eliminating blue light, which is diffused fuzzy light one has a superb clear image looking through these lenses;

Clouds will be visible on a grey day , clear vision through fog and mist.

Perfect for driving, and they will not be affected by missing UV rays not getting through the windshield to activate photochromatic particles.

bullit.jpg (710 bytes)Preparation of solution + tinting

Use as any other tint, but tint a dark shade, to be effective, so that a dark blue UV light will appear black when viewed through the freshly tinted lens which will have an orange color as on above picture. For best results, tint non coated CR39 only.

Use a black light to check tinting. Black light show as non visible (black) when looking through tinte lens. Re-insert into dye if clack light is still visible.

bullit.jpg (710 bytes)How to tint second color

Simply use the second color you want to achieve over the orange blue blocking color. This step usually only takes a few seconds of immersion.

As second color the following special dyes are available:

amber / brown / chocolate brown / dark green

Available in MicroTints as well as regular dye-pot version

bullit.jpg (710 bytes)Disposal

Dispose as per local, county, state or Federal regulations




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