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The latest in optical or industrial coatings

~ Permanent + Renewable Anti-Fog + Anti-Stat Coating ~

      " PAF "

for use on CR39, Polycarbonate, High Index, Glass, metal and painted surface

updated 04/21/18





  • Another first by OMS in 2008
  • A  permanent Anti-Fog coating that is renewable when saturated
  • Hydrophobic, Oliophobic, Hydrophillic,
  • Scratchresistant




Permanent Ant-Fog coatings have never made it in our field, because of the

following reasons:

A hydrophilic (Anti-Fog) coating gets ineffective after 4-6 month of use because it saturates

with humidity  and the stops being effective. There was one invented in Japan a few years

ago, but only worked 4-5 month and was retired from the local market.

Knowing from my MicroTints system that microwaves can do some chemical wonders altering

molecules in certain materials we have come up with a humidity cure coating material that is

easily applied in an office environment without expensive equipment. The coating does superbly

adhere to un-coated or hard coated lenses from CR39 to High Index.

The ultimate test to check the effects is the freezer test, by placing treated lenses into a

freezer for 30 seconds and then removing it to room temperature. If treated properly the surface   

will stay clear and will not fog up on the treated surface.

This coating will also saturate after a certain time of use and stop its AntiFog properties.

These properties can be renwed by placing the lenses into a microwave and expose them

for 60 seconds of high power. The lenses will get warm and after coooling off are again

fully active and will have renewed anti-fog properties.

The final layer is hard slippery, super hydrophobic and hydrophilic at the same time and also acts

as an anti scratch treatment.

It will not work on AR coated lenses as the layer is too thick and alters the AR coating properties.


How to Treat a Lens

1)   Dip a paper tissue point into the polymer and spread it equally over the to be treated surface.

2)   Hold for 90 seconds into steam from a boiling water kettle at about 40 centimeters distance to

      accelerate curing.

3)   Place on table for 3-4 minutes.

4)   Buff with a new, soft paper tissue until glossy

5)   Go back into steam over boiling kettle for another 90 second, then place still wet lens into


6)   Set microwave (1000W)  to 1 minute at high.

7)   Remove from microwave oven and let fully cool off. Then buff again if needed.

8)   Surface is now fully Anti-Fog treated.

How to Renew a already with PAF coated Lens

1)    Remove lens from frame.          (Placing  the whole frame with lenses in microwave will

       burn up the whole assembly)

2)    Place lens in microwave. Set microwave to 1 minute at high and press start.

3)    Remove lens from microwave and let cool off, mount lens into frame and job is done.

Read about Polymer

The Polymer is a humidity cure polysiloxane that cures into a non toxic finished product.


As all other chemical products, un used  should be disposed off according to local law.



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