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                                                                                                              Tuesday March 20, 2018



Find out all about optical lens treatments by the most innovative  company from

Anti-Reflex to Anti-Fog on one of the 30 best visited websites in the optical supply trade.

For the optical professions, this website is the largest, most complete, containing over 350 pages of information on lens  treatments.

This is the most elaborate and interesting site on the internet, dealing with optical lens surface treatments, their benefits and drawbacks.

Meant to be educative and not only full of product advertising, it deals with a lot of new problems arising in the optical field with numerous new lens materials coming on the market. Take some time and navigate this site. Learn how to increase your profits by doing some easy procedures yourself in your office or business environment.

OMS is proud to be the researcher, innovator and the manufacturer of all products  shown onthis site.


Products Invented, Developed And Made In Canada

For The Optical + Industrial  World Over The Last 35 Years


Deliveries in the USA from our stock, or from distributors carrying OMS Opto Chemicals Products

To order or for more information please contact us. Tel  514 426 3055   800-461-6637 

or e-mail oms_optical@yahoo.com , physical address at bottom of page


OMS, the most innovative company in the optical lens treatment field,  "not a copy

cat company",  that also has the largest selection of different "save money and do

yourself" products and there  is always something new in products and ideas.  

For general product information click on menu to the left, or scroll down this page

to get to detailed product information for the latest and newest product news.


Also see our our website listing with close to 1,000 optical websites at:



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Tuesday March 20, 2018

OMS Optochemicals has been sold


As of March 16, 2018, at noon, McCray Optical Supply Inc. has become the new owner of

all exclusive rights, to manufacture and sell all the OMS Optochemicals invented and

developed products.

 see their  website at:    http://www.mccrayoptical.com/

Tuesday March 20, 2018


Latest on Mega Merger


Tuesday March 20, 2018

          Optical Website Listing                 

The Most Complete Optical Website Listing and Alexa ranking on the Internet.

For Eyecare Professionals. Have your optical site listed for free on this page.

click:  http://optochemicals.com/web_listing.htm

Tuesday March 20, 2018


The best and most used anti static and anti-fog spray or cream world wide, is made in Canada, and 100% efficient if properly applied. 


Summer is here is here, and resulting in glasses, and other transparent surfaces, to fog up when coming inside into the warm air from the cold, or vice versa down south.


      A Great Consumer And Industrial Product For Sale By Optical

Retailers and many others, is also used for many industrial applications

from Microscopes to Cars.


  Used from the South African Diamond Mines to Aqua Swim Goggles in the Caribbean Islands,

from the Squash Court in Los Angeles to the Ski Mountains in Switzerland

Fully approved and certified by Swiss Government as non dangerous and without health hazards for

public use.

Many of the major automotive brands as GM, Nissan, Honda, Volvo, Piaggio and many

more use it on the inside of instrument dashboards to prevent fogging up.


The worlds most used anti fog product from Eyeglasses

to Car Dashboards and the latest in sunlight working outdoor

LED touch screens. By far the best protection for your

expensive Anti Reflex coatings.

 Researched, Developed and Manufactured by OMS in Canada

and also used in over 30 automotive brand dash-boards world wide 







The best, and most used Anti-Static and Anti-Fog product

on the market.

 This is the season your glasses fog up when leaving the house, the office,

or even the cooled car down south.


Eliminate all and any fogging by applying the OMS Zero-Fog.  Samples

available to the optical and industrial trade.


Total protection guaranteed. Also a creamy version is also available.


Click for all details including Distributors,

 also available again in Europe after a few years of



see at ►   Information on Zero-Fog 

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Water Based Lens Dye Neutralizer SuperFast Concentrate

add 3.5 lter tapwater to concentrate and you have a superb working product.

No smell and works better than what you ever used before fo all lens types.

See all of it :  Dye Neutralizer Super Fast

Today's latest  LENS TECHNOLOGY and its history.

UV PROTEC came first on the market in 1983-84 as a do it yourself treatment in your own lab on your

premises and in your dye pot, and became very fast a hot best seller in Canada and the USA, for many

years afterwards.

It results in a very slight yellowish tinge that absorbs 100% UV rays from 298 nm to close to 410 nm all UV

and short wave visible blue light.

This lens treatment, today, with or without AR coatings is being offered under different brand names, at

premium prices by many major lens manufacturers as the latest technology on lenses, over the last year

or two.

It can still be done in your own dye pot by using UV Protec 400.

See all of it :   Information UV Protec concentrate

and  Information UV Protec 10

Tuesday March 20, 2018

When the expensive AR coated lenses get

hard to clean and the "easy clean" layer is

worn off , it can be renewed to work properly again...............

When Anti Reflex coated lenses with a hydrophobic / oleophobic slick coat starts

to get tired and  harder to clean, you can re-apply and refresh it with a new slick

coat in seconds  out of a  30 ml spray bottle that should cost no more than $ 19.00

and will do several follow up applications.


check it out at:     EASY CLEAN spray

click for ►  Hydrophobic Coatings


Tuesday March 20, 2018


Protect your eyes from all UV and visible blue color to

100 %


Eliminate 100 % Blue Light

in a double filter sunglass tint for optical lenses

We believe it can now be established that cumulative exposure to visible

blue light over a lifetime contributes to the development of Age-related

Macular Degeneration (AMD).


Sunglass Lenses available from your optical retailer in

the colors as below:

Blue - Blocking Dyes available, or tint yourself, 

in the dye pot or Microwave, in 4 different Colors

amber.................brown............chocolate brown................dark green

available for Micro Tint, or conventional dye pot systems for use on CR39 lenses only.

eliminate diffused blue light and provide lots more contrast, also used in prevention and treatment

of macular degeneration. (AMD)

Every batch is checked on spectrometer to guarantee top quality of these latest high temperature dyes.

      Tinted layer on surfaces of the lens blocks from 280 nm to 535 nm 

Click to see     ►        BlueBlocker

See Transmission Chart Only, Click BB Transmission Chart


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Instant, 10 to 30 seconds

Car Headlight Cleaner And Polish

before + after in 20 seconds     


click -----------> Car Headlight Cleaner


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Newest Lens TintingTechnology

(No visible red in grey/black colors) 

Save in cost and get ................

Longer lasting optical lens Dyes for your

conventional dye-pots with true colors, 

that do not show reds in grey/black tints,

(no red away needed)

 and won't fade to purple after some time

of wearing.

Longer life span under heat, better, and less expensive than the best up to now..............

see details at :     Lens Dyes for Dye-Pots

click to see details►  Graphic lens tinting guide

available colors, click to see details The basic colour chart for the OMS-Tint System

click to see details Guide to Troubleshoot tinting problems

click to see details►    Grey/Black dyes without visible red 

(spectrometer graph)


Distributed in the USA by :  

 Amcon Labs - The Eyecare Supply Center 



Tuesday March 20, 2018

The best AR Stripper Worldwide






with the non dangerous product, while the

 customer waits.

Maximum 10 Seconds To Take Off At Room Temperature, available for CR39 and for Glass and Polycarbonate lenses in a different version.




 Anti-Reflex Coating





As more and more AR coatings are being sold on plastic lenses, the more of them will fail along the way. Our AR stripper contains only 12.5% of acids in a solvent mix and is the least dangerous such product on the market , but will remove an AR coating in seconds.


click to see details Anti-Reflex Coating stripper

click to see detailsNeutralizer for Acids on Ar Stripped Lenses before re-coating

also check our special website at : http//: arcoatings.com


Tuesday March 20, 2018


MICRO - TINTS (No visible red in grey

black dyes)

Big News:      Now available in 120ml concentrates for

$ 10.00 per bottle

The fastest plastic lens tinting system ever, without a dye pot.


US Patent 6,464,733      European Patent 1117866    Australian Patent  762568






The perfect solution to start tinting faster, better,

and to discard the obsolete, dirty, smelly tinting unit

  • Increase Net Profit on final product "The Finished Glasses"
  • Do your own UV's, Tints, and Scratch Resistant Treatments
  • Apply them with ease, clean and no mess, fumes
  • Biodegradable treatment products to work with
  • 2 minutes of easy manual work
  • Same products can be used over and over for long periods of time

Check out how you can start increasing your profits by giving this additional service with an in house

systems that is always and at any time ready to produce.



No lens holder required for cut lenses






Demonstration Video How Micro Tints Are Used In Practice

By Jasper Bakx of OptoChemicals Holland

click ►►  http://www.glazenkleuren.nl/demo.html

and original video at



here all the links below relating tp MicroTints


 Click to go to Patent description►    United States Patent

Click for ►Short Description

Click here for Full Details   Micro-Tints

 Click for  ►Starter Kit

    Click for Click for  ► FDA on sunglasses 2012

Click for  ► Information on Micro-UV

Click for  ► Micro-Tint System 4 in 1 Solution               

Click for  ► Micro-Scratch Guard

Click for  ► Micro-Tint remover and conditioner 

  Click for  ►  Laboratory Microwave  (Industrial)         

Click for  ► Micro Tint- lens holder

Click for  ► Guide to Troubleshoot tinting problems

Click for  ► Graphic lens tinting guide

Click for  ► The basic colour chart for the Micro-Tint System

Click for  ►  Micro-Tint Review on Optiboard

Click for  ►     Press Release, Specsavers

Click to see transmission curves on tinted high index lenses at 5 minutes tinting time ►HighIndex Tints

Click for Micro Tint  Price List  ►  Micro-Tint System Global Price List

Watch Video on practical application in an Opticians lab  

►  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36iYKl1ZvT8






Special Sample offer

2 x 120 ml bottles of Micro Tint (your choice of colors) + 1/2 liter Conditioner........1 x 250 ml sample AR Stripper...........

30ml sample Markaway.............1x 30 ml sample Zero Fog, all for $ 40.00 plus shipping  (UPS ground)

VISA / MC / AMEX accepted




Tuesday March 20, 2018

These days we can easily repair broken frames invisible

How To Weld Broken Plastic Frames

Easy way of fusing of broken frames without glue but dissolving material and fusing it back together

click ----------->   ~ Frame Welder ~


Tuesday March 20, 2018


Will NOT Damage Polycarbonate And High Index Lenses

        Remove those progressive lens markings in lightning speed with


m a r k a w a y   

  does not contain Acetone or Alcohols and does not smell bad. 

it is also totally safe for Polycarbonate and High Index Lenses

and  is the best value of all the competitive products.


as on many other available product makes.



(better value at half the price than our competitors)

Take off lens markings with the established acetone free remover MARKAWAY. This product will not damage any type

of lenses, is easy to transport and  not flammable. Recommended by major lens manufacturers. Free samples for the

optical trade. Check it out on this website.

Click for full  Details:          Markaway

so the perfect Graffiti and glue remover :     Graffiti Remover


Distributed in the USA by :  

 Amcon Labs - The Eyecare Supply Center 



Distributed in Europe by :  


DACEDGEhttp://dacedge.eu t




Tuesday March 20, 2018


 ~Markaway ~   




  • The Superb No Acetone Markings
  • Remover


  • at half the cost the competition charges
  • for copies of Markaway




Click for the strongest and best Newest Version: 


 ~Super Markaway ~   


     Click for full  Details:   Super Markaway    

The fastest remover that is non oily and the best price of all of them      

►click for Product review on Optiboard:  Markaway Review


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Will Make Lenses Easy To Clean

"Super Hydrophobic"



"Diamond" Slick Coat 


Slick Coat for  AR coated lenses, also works

and protects every type of lens on the market.

Can be applied in office on any and all regular AR coated lenses,

for a fraction of the cost the corporations charge.


can be applied from concentrate in vacuum coating machine


Repels Dust.........Repels Dirt .........Repels Water........

Repels Oil....... and as extra

 bonus it Repels Fogging Up......


And Will Be A Scratch Resistant Protection

No lens slippage in bevel edger

Make more profit by applying your own slick coat

Will renew worn out slick coats on brand name AR coatings


If you like the new slick coats the major optical corporations now offer on their

AR coated lenses  you are going to love this one. It's cost is a fraction of their coating

and  has more features features, and you can apply it yourself.


Click for details at ►" Diamond Clear Slick Coat"

Click for details at ► Product Review Diamond Slick Coat,

On An OPTIBOARD posting.

Aftermarket Renewal Spray, 30ml bottle

Click for details at ► Hydrophobic Spray


 An excellent description of Polysiloxanes can be found at:



Tuesday March 20, 2018

Do your own slick coat and scratch protection for less on regular CR39 lenses

      The same top coat as used on the newest AR coated lenses, but 

for regular non AR coated lenses


" Super Scratch Guard "


The easy in house application that provides a regular lens with a scratch resistant

treatment that includes anti-fog and antistatic properties as well as a hydrophobic

and oliophobic coating.

Also links to other treatments:

               click to see details Super Scratch Guard      click to see detailsRegular Scratch Guard

                                    click to see details Information on Dip and Dry scratch resistant treatment

              click to see details General information on scratch resistant treatments on optical lenses

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Protect you glasses with

~   Total  Seal   ~

For Plastics, Glass, Paints, bare Metals and many more items, protects

from oxidation and will not react to solvents and acids, and has passed

the Florida test.

Combining all Properties: HYDROPHOBIC , HYDROPHILIC and


click here►    Total Seal

OMS Blog Page

click for details at ►  OMS BLOG PAGE

Tuesday March 20, 2018


The total cure for cracking  polycarbonate

lenses on rimless glasses,



No more crazing and cracking from holes on rimless polycarbonate

lens mounts

One drop of the solution into the drill hole will  prevent the lens from cracking and crazing. towards

the outside. No more warranty re-dos

 Vision Ease Lens  guide to rimless mountings is again available on their site.

 Click here for Full Details  Information for Drillseal

 Click here for ►  Polycarbonate physical properties

Tuesday March 20, 2018

NO More Cracked And Crazed Edges On Polycarbonate Lenses When

Coated with

Polycarbonate Edge



The Total Stop And Seal Against Chemical Damage of Crazing or Hard Coat Delamination

read all about it ►    Polycarbonate Edge Protect Coating 

Tuesday March 20, 2018

       Turn dull Polycarbonate edges to a

perfectly polished finish in seconds






A problem that can now easily be corrected without the need of even

buffing the edges. A product that can just be wiped on the dull edges and

instantly these edges are, and look polished. No more need for an

expensive edging system that also polishes polycarbonate lenses.?

see details at:  =======>

Polycarbonate lens edge polish


user        Shamir Portugal

Tuesday March 20, 2018

PAF  The latest invention in anti-fog treatments

Permanent Anti-Fog Coating for lenses and other plastics or glass,

will renew itself when exposed to  microwaves

Click for details at ►    Permanent Anti-Fog Coating                                              


Tuesday March 20, 2018

The Only One, Water Based Neutralizer


For All Types Of Lenses


Remove colors on lenses with lightning speed

without toxic fumes polluting your premises

All Water Based for the smart and clean lab

No Toxic Fumes When Heated like the conventional Neutralizer

Neutralizer SF

Water based,  works as fast or faster than any conventional solvent type neutralizers.  

Universal use, will not damage any type lens. 

 Click to     ►    Information on Dye Neutralizer SF for Polycarbonate, High Index and CR39 lenses

See Press Release ,Optical News Items, and archive of optical world news items


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Double Protection For Optical Frames

      No more oxidized metal frames

No more white top layers on plastic frames

Protects skin against against allergies.

anti-allergenic  coating easy to apply in store



Frame Protec



Antique folding glasses

Apply this total sealer before it happens or ......even after...........and give your

patient the extra protection and service.

Unlike eczema, allergic contact dermatitis is a condition that affects people in their later stages of life, most likely because

the condition does not occur upon first exposure to a substance. It usually takes numerous exposures for this skin condition to develop.

Take nickel as an example. Only about two percent of girls under the age of ten are allergic to nickel. Compare that figure to women 50+,

where the number of those affected rises to about fourteen percent.

click here►      Frame Protec

click here►    Total Edge Seal   for Polycarbonate lenses

click here►     Total Seal  for general use

Read about dermatitis caused by many spectacle frames at: http://www.sbd-sp.org.br/public/img/destaques/destaque09.pdf


Tuesday March 20, 2018


Water based

"AR 100 - Lens Cleaner concentrate"

Buy the best and crystal clear Lens cleaner in Bulk, and fill your

 own bottles.


1 Gallon at $ 15.50, buy 4 Gallons and get an extra 15% off


Contains not a drop of any type of solvents, but is all water and

 latest technology surfactant   based, crystal  clear and just about

the best solution  to clean and protect AR  coated Lenses on any

type materials with all the fancy top coat treatments.


Use it as a refill or fill your own bottles. This is the best deal for the newest in high tech lens cleaners.

see all of it at:   

Lens Cleaner Concentrate


Tuesday March 20, 2018


perfect as backup pair for under $ 40.00, for the latest innovation in glasses

with variable and adjustable power

click for details and orders  -------------->  The perfect backup Glasses



Tuesday March 20, 2018


Makes invisible joints on all broken plastic frames

Frame Welder A + B

click        ~ Frame Welder ~


Tuesday March 20, 2018

There is Definitely NO VISIBLE RED

 in  OMS black, grey and brown lens dye, even in the darkest shades,

no need for any "red away" additions

Available in Micro Tints or in Regular Dye Pot versions

Tuesday March 20, 2018


Give Optical Lenses A Pastel Colored Look While They Remain Totally Clear


 " Edgeit "


A full Polycarbonate edge treatment system

Check our Introductory Basic Kit

 click for details and pricing ►Description Edgit

Click here for ►edgit_colors.

 Click here for ►  Polycarbonate physical properties

Tuesday March 20, 2018


Super Hydrophobic



 AR COATED LENSES NOW  treated Anti-Fog and Anti-Stat for more comfort and protection

 The new type slick coat as well as a Scratch Resistant Version for regular


OMS Optochemicals is the first and only company that had developed already in 1991 an optical coating 

made with polysiloxanes  that incorporates both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties (anti-fog and anti-static).

This type of "slick" coating is now advertised by many major optical lens manufacturers as the latest  supplement

to AR coatings.

click for ►  Hydrophobic Coatings

click for ►  Information Crystal Clear Guard "SLICK COAT" treatments

click for ► Protect Anti-Reflex Coated Lenses

We also supply the best hydrophobic pills for use in vacuum coating machines

click for details ►Hydrophobic Pills

  click for details ►Hydrophobic Spray


We also supply the newest permanent super slick hydrophobic top

coat in concentrate for application in vacuum coating machines.


Tuesday March 20, 2018

       WARNING !




Not mentioned in those MSDS sheets that hot neutralizer fumes (ethylene glycol, glycol ethers), will seriously damage kidneys and liver. Don't expose yourself, your employees or even your customers.

See Press Release ,Optical News Items, and archive of optical world news items

Tuesday March 20, 2018

clik.............. OptiBoard Discussion Forums


The liveliest, most interesting optical forum for professionals which lets you express your own personal views by posting optical notices and see other peoples optical opinions and sometimes the latest news affecting the optical professions,

click on above logo



register for free and tell them we sent you

(All other optical forums on the internet can be found on our optical website listing at;   Optical Website Listing )


Tuesday March 20, 2018


        There will be NO UV protection if not done right

 U V

Read about what can go wrong when using UV solutions

click ro read article►UV Article



Tuesday March 20, 2018



Image result for Cecil Spectrometer


Late model "Cecil Reflectascan Spectrophotometer" with capability to measure the thicknessof AR coatings, f

ull range of UV, visible light to infra red,  as well as the same applies for all liquid products.

All OMS products are kept under strict quality control and standards.

Click for more details on quality control ►   Quality Control at OMS Optochemicals

Click to see transmission curves on tinted high index lenses at 5 minutes tinting time ►High Index Tints 





Statistics have indicated for many years that when there is an economic slow down the optical business is

the first one to suffer, followed immediately by the dental industry.

  • Do your own add on lens treatments ?

  • Go back to offering the basic un - treated CR39 lens at a basic price.

  • Sell additional lens treatments which you can do within your in house office operation. This will let your

  • patients-customers control their expenses and lets the retailer make additional profits, with very little

  • additional work.

  • Prepare yourself to apply in house additional lens treatments that do not take much work, input and time.

  • Do your own UV, Scratch-Resistant treatments and the

  • Super fast, Clean and  Water based MICRO-TINTS.


  • Sell glasses at lower prices and make higher basic markups by adding a lens treatments that can be

  • done by easy in office means.............

This website offers you many possibilities to reduce laboratory charges and increase profits drastically.

Take some time and browse.

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Graffity Remover

Paint melts away in seconds

 the fastest way to remove  Graffiti and Glue :     Graffiti Remover


Tuesday March 20, 2018

News for Optical Laboratories

Newest Product Addition for AR and Optical, Industrial, Electronic and Gem vacuum coaters

A Full Line Of Oxides And Fluorides

At The Best Prices ever

click to see list of products  ►

Metal oxides and sulfites for vacuum coating applications

Basic:   Vacuum Coating and Anti-Reflex Coating Materials Materials

Explanation on all Chemicals::   Periodic Table by  Wikipedia

Click     ►   Principle of AR coatings,

Tuesday March 20, 2018


Are you having a hard time cleaning your support rings and coating racks ?

Use the OMS AR coating rack cleaner, which will remove coating residues in 5 seconds in a liquid at room


The best performing Hydrophobic pills now available for AR coating laboratories

click for details ►AR coating ring/rack cleaner

click for details ►Hydrophobic Pills

click for ►  Hydrophobic Coatings



       be treated Anti-Fog and Anti-Stat

 for more comfort and protection



Tuesday March 20, 2018


          " Simply Easy Clean"



with the following results

 Anti-Fog, Anti-Stat Dust Free and Scratch


In office / lab application and make big savings

"Simply Easy Clean" fills the gaps between the coating crystals to create a sealed surface where dirt and

grease can not penetrate between the crystals

"Simply Easy Clean" will prevent, and dissipate fogging at a 20x faster rate on AR or Anti-Reflex coated lenses

compared to untreated AR coated lenses.

"Simply Easy Clean" will reject deposition of dust on  AR or Anti-Reflex coated lenses and therefore reduce the

possibility of scratching the lens surface during cleaning.

Click for Details:  Simply Easy Clean treatment for A-R Coated lenses with Anti-Fog and dust free


Click for full TECHNICAL Details: Chemical/Technical Information "Simply Easy Clean"

Tuesday March 20, 2018


        Now in stock at very competitve prices

The Main Ingredient For


AR Coatings -  Silicone Dioxide


SIO2  99.999% pure, plus a full line of oxides and sulfites

OMS is now offering a full line of top quality vacuum coating materials in various sizes for the optical coating

industry as well as many other applications in other industries.

 High purity SiO2 99.99%~99.999%
- Engineered in a wide range of sizes (2"~1700mm)
- Very competitive prices.

SiO2 is the most basic material for vacuum coating and OMS Optochemicals proudly introduces Sio2 granules

into a wide range of optical coatings and its applicable industries.

Especially the ones producing anti-reflective and protective coatings in various kinds of the lens industries.

OMS Optochemicals  guarantees the performance of their SiO2 granules manufactured by an advanced auto

control system.

Click to read details on the principle of Anti-Reflex and thin film coatings


Click     ►   Principle of AR coatings,

Click     ►    Vacuum Coating and Anti-Reflex Coating Materials Materialsm

Click     ►     Metal oxides and sulfites for vacuum coating applications

Click     ►        Explanation on all Chemicals::   Periodic Table by  Wikipedia

click for details ►Hydrophobic Pills

Tuesday March 20, 2018

UV - Visible Light  -  EMI  Transmission

 With Digital Readout

now available in several very affordable instruments

click ►  UV Meter  


Tuesday March 20, 2018

"automatic Lens darkening Initiator "

activates Transitions and other photo chromatic lenses in 2 seconds by means

of electronic UV flashes offset by 90 degrees, for demonstrations and checking.

click ►  Info Smart Flash

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Detect Counterfeit Bank Notes

or demonstrate photo chromatic lenses

automatically shows all invisible watermarks on legal notes. No more need for

special pens

  click on picture to enlarge

click ►   Counterfeit Money Detector



Tuesday March 20, 2018

New Product For Thin Film Coating Laboratories


Cleaner - Remover

The newest, fastest and safest solution on

the market

 Dirty Vacuum AR Coating Machines Need To



Coating Deposits Removed and Cleaned On A

Regular Basis

Just wipe it off....................

Click for full  Details:    Cleaner for Anti-Reflex coating vacuum chambers, rings and racks

Free sample offer to AR coating labs

Tuesday March 20, 2018


Another first from OMS in June 2012

We also use our resources to develop products in other fields:

Organic, non polluting total grass and weed killer  and

eliminates unwanted weed and grass in hours without damage to ground

water and  environment.

Click to see details:   Ecofriendly Organic Weed Killer


Tuesday March 20, 2018

Original Lye Roll or Soft German Pretzels or Buns

and how to make them and with what ingredients to use to get the right taste.

Click to see details:         Original Lye Roll or Soft German Pretzel Buns

Tuesday March 20, 2018





 To see copy of patent text click ►    European Patent issued  


Issued  by:      

United States Patent



October 15, 2002


 To see copy of original patent click ►         United States Patent

 Scroll down to see the Micro-Tint System or use the menu to the left

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

 To see copy of original patent click ►      Australian Patent



For general product information click on the desired item on the menu to the

left to get to the product type listings and then click on the product for details

Translate this page into any language with the Google







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Tuesday March 20, 2018

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Chemical Nano Technology 

McCray Optical Supply Inc.






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OMS, 177108 Canada Inc.
1410, Lakeshore Drive
Dorval, Québec, Canada, H9S 2E6

e-mail:    oms_optical@yahoo.com

Tel: 514-631-5501

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